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Insurance Claims

Natural disasters, unavoidable catastrophes, and unforeseen accidents are a property owner’s biggest fears. But after years of experience as licensed public adjusters, we’ve seen it all. So, when the unexpected happens, you can expect us to step in and take care of business, effectively and efficiently.

Express Estimators Roof Damage Claims

Roof Damage

Across the U.S., homeowners and commercial properties can face all sorts of extreme weather conditions. Hail, wind, and heavy downpours can take their toll on your roof’s shingles, flashing, decking, and gutters.

Whether the damage is apparent or goes unnoticed, it will eventually leak its way into your home.

You can’t control the weather, but you can control who handles your claim.

Express Estimators Tornado Damage Claims

Tornado Damage

Each year, as Tornado Alley grows longer and wider, more people are compelled to keep a watchful eye on the sky. While most residential and commercial properties will never be in the path of a furious funnel, tornadoes result in billions of dollars in damage every year.

If you find yourself picking up the pieces after a tornado’s dreadful destruction, Express Estimators is here with the helping hand you deserve.

Express Estimators Hurricane Damage Claims

Hurricane Damage

Gale-force winds, torrential downpours, surging floodwaters, and flying debris are just a few horrors of hurricanes. Whether your property is on the beach or further inland, it can still experience the effects of one of Mother Nature’s fiercest weather events.

When a tropical storm occurs, the last thing a property owner should worry about is a fair claim assessment. Let Express Estimators give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Express Estimators Water Damage Claims

Water Damage

From leaky roofs to busted pipes to flash flooding, living on a planet that is 70% H2O creates an ocean of opportunity for water damage.

It doesn’t matter if you live on the East Coast, West Coast, or Middle Coast, water can seep its way into your home or business and permanently damage your precious assets.

What does matter, is how quickly a public adjuster can help you coast through the claims process.

Express Estimators Fire Damage Claims

Fire Damage

There are few things less predictable than an undetected flame. In a matter of moments, a small spark can spread through a house and even engulf entire blocks of sturdy structures.

If your property goes up in flames, it’s our responsibility as your public adjuster to make sure you don’t get burned by your insurance company.

Express Estimators Wind Damage Claims

Wind Damage

Wind blows… and so does the damage it causes. But much like the wind itself, wind damage can be tough to recognize and assess.

Fortunately, Express Estimators goes where the wind blows. As public adjusters with an eye for wind-related claims, we know how to identify and differentiate wind damage from other types of property damage and can ensure your settlement is a breeze.

Express Estimators Mold Damage Claims

Mold Damage

Mold is a fuzzy, musky, sneaky culprit. It creeps its way into the dark, moist corners of a property and ruins both the value of the property and the health of those who use it.

If you property needs a mold remediation assessment, Express Estimators has the tools to help you eradicate the problem and receive a fair claim.

Are you ready to get what you deserve?

Start with a FREE assessment of your damage or claim.


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Are you ready to get what you deserve?

Start with a FREE assessment of your damage or claim.


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